How to Gift Intentionally

So it’s Christmas, and you get a gift from your mom or your best friend. You go to unwrap it (or tear it open), and this gift is something that you’ve always wanted...or needed! That is the feeling you get from an intentional gift or a gift given with a purpose.

With the Christmas season looming closer, you are probably in the gift-giving frame of mind. And you may think that intentional gifting has to max out your wallet, but being intentional doesn’t have to cost much! The person you’re shopping for just wants to know that you thought of them and how much you love them. Here you will find a couple of tips that have helped me out when it comes to cute gift ideas and giving gifts with a purpose.

Listen and Be Attentive

Being attentive means to pay attention to the “little things”. For instance, say your mom or bestie mentions that they love stars. They love everything about stars, and every square inch of their apartment or house has a star stuck on it somewhere. Now you know to shop for all things stars: earrings, necklaces, t-shirts, and jeans. Make sure you listen to them throughout the year and take note of any ideas for cute gifts or outfits.

Know the Person You’re Shopping For

When you’re shopping for someone or trying to get some gift ideas, it really helps to know the person you’re shopping for. How can you do this? Be a detective! Get clues in the stories from their everyday lives, or ask someone else that’s close to them. That second one is key. If your bestie has been talking about something a lot, another person close to them might know.

Write Down Everything

Yes, everything. If you’re out and about with your bestie and she mentions something she might like, write down that cute gift or outfit idea on a notepad...or use the notes feature on your phone! I can be very forgetful at times, and this one has helped so so much!

Don’t Overthink It

This is the most important tip of all: DON’T OVERTHINK IT! The person you’re shopping for will love whatever gift you get for them since it’s from YOU!

Merry Christmas from The Swank Co., and good luck shopping for the special someone in your life!

xx, Mallory Huff

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