A Few of Hannah’s Favorite (Swank) Things

Hi everyone!

We have so many new members of the Swank Squad (which is amazing!). I'm Hannah, and my husband and I are the owners of Swank! Since during this time we have had to switch gears to be primarily an online/social media business, I thought I would share with you all five of my favorite pieces of women’s boutique loungewear currently at The Swank Company!

Lounge Pants

Lazy Leopard Lounge Pants: We just got these in! They are perfect for these days around the house. I think they look great with a simple white tee, and I predict these will sell fast, so grab them while you can!

retro logo tees

The Swank Company Tee: I wear my Swank tees all the time! They are so soft and get softer each time you wash them. (I’m wearing the lavender one right now as I’m writing this.) They also look really cute cropped if you're into cropping, and you know we are. When I made this shirt with our logo on front, I was channeling all these retro logo tees that are coming back in styles like Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, and Champion. You're probably thinking "It's just your logo on a tee. There is literally nothing to it." Yes, that's true, but this was the intent! I imagine saving it for my daughter and in 20 years she wears my "vintage Swank logo tee"!

Growl Power

Growl Power Leopard Sweater: This sweater is super lightweight and versatile. It is from the brand POL (which is one of my faves). I've been wearing it over a cami to lounge around the house, but when we're able to get back out into the world, I think it is the perfect summer sweater to go with white denim and wedges!

boutique loungewear

Into The Groove Jumpsuit: I LOVE a good jumpsuit. It's a whole outfit in one. This one is soft and feels like women’s boutique loungewear, but you look so put together. Perfect for now (stay at home) and later!

Strappy Jumpsuit

All Too Well Strappy Jumpsuit: Is it okay if I share two jumpsuits? I guess this shows how much I love them. I would wear a thin white tee under this one (we have a few great options online)! Personally, I think jumpsuits are so flattering and that everyone should wear one. You'll be glad you did! This one is lightweight and flowy because it’ll be 90 degrees outside before we know it! You could literally wear this with anything from white tennis shoes to wedges. It would also be cute with a denim jacket.

Well, if you got through all that, I love you!

Click on the links I shared in this blog and browse through our website. We are always thankful when you browse our site and can see all the hard work we put into it! I’d love to hear your feedback on the items I picked in the comments, or on any of your favorite women’s boutique loungewear items from The Swank Company!


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