Swank Points

Join our Swank Points program to earn rewards when you shop with us! Here is how to get set up and start earning Swank Points - 

Click the pink 'Rewards' button on our website to sign up! Your account will be set up using your email address. Make sure to provide this email when checking out in store and online to earn your points! 
Ways to Earn Swank Points 
Signing Up - 25 Points
Shopping - 1 Point per $1 Spent 
Share on Facebook - 10 Points
Like on Facebook - 10 Points
Follow on Instagram - 10 Points
Celebrate a Birthday - 50 Points
Gift your friend a reward and earn your own when they make a purchase!
They get $5 gift card and you get a $5 gift card. 
Ways to Redeem
200 Swank Points will equal a $10 Swank gift card. These gift cards cannot be combined with any other promotions or discount codes. 
To view your available points, click the pinks 'Rewards' button.
The Swank Points program was introduced in late 2022. Purchases made prior to this time do apply to the Swank Points program.