At-Home Holiday Fashion: Looks to Wear For Holiday Lockdown

Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and all the other winter holidays are rapidly approaching, but in the midst of a pandemic, it’s hard to get inspired by holiday outfit ideas. Whether it’s a retro plaid skirt with tights or a rich velvet dress, celebrating the holidays in lockdown might not seem like the best place to get glammed up. But worry not–casual holiday outfits are definitely in this year. You’ll be able to enjoy that Thanksgiving turkey or Christmas ham in the comfort of your sweatpants, AND you’ll look good doing it!

The Leather Legging

Sure, leggings are very casual, but you can certainly dress them up this year! Leather leggings are a great way to elevate any festive sweater and make a statement while doing it. The shine is deceptively formal, but adds an element of style to your ensemble–all while remaining comfy–and is perfect to add to your list of holiday outfit ideas! A patent leather legging smooths and shapes your body, and won’t dig into your waist. Pair your sweater and leggings with a cute pair of boots, and you’ll look chic and comfy simultaneously.

black faux leather leggings for casual holiday outfits


This one might be a stretch any other year, but casual holiday outfits are certainly in this year. You can take your sweatpants and style them into holiday outfit ideas that will look trendy and original. If you do opt for wearing sweatpants this holiday season, a fitted jogger would be your best bet. Pair them with a simple white undershirt and fitted jacket to bring things up a notch and show that celebrities aren’t the only ones who can rock sweatpants to a formal outing. Add the right pair of heels to the ensemble, and you’ll be turning heads and making people jealous of your style and comfort.

light grey leopard print joggers


Corduroy has certainly made a comeback over the years. From pants to jackets, you can easily find corduroy in a number of cuts and colors that work for your taste and style. This season, opt for a simple jumpsuit that will lengthen the leg and keep your wardrobe simple. Want a two-piece look? 2020 is the year of comfort and casual holiday outfits, so pair a black pair of leggings with a corduroy jacket to sport a cute yet comfy look to the dinner table. Holiday outfit ideas don’t have to be elaborate, and corduroy is a classic material that is simple and attractive. Plus, you’ll thank yourself in another 20 years when corduroy comes back in style and you don’t have to go hunting for that perfect piece.


Sequins are great to incorporate into your list of holiday outfit ideas because they’re such a holiday classic. It’s a detail that can range from accenting a small design on a top to a full-length sparkly dress. Even though we’re in lockdown, you still deserve to look and feel your best, and getting dressed up may be the best thing for that. So, break out those sequins and get dolled up for yourself! If you don’t want to go too overboard with the sparkle, try some sequin earrings or something similar.

black sequin hoop earrings

Coming up with holiday outfit ideas can be a great way to have fun and show off your personality. Just remember that whether you opt for casual holiday outfits or go all out, the things that matter the most are the people you celebrate with and the memories you make.

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