Bri's Favorite Accessories RN!

I grabbed Bri and then she grabbed her favorite accessories right now. Let's review! 
When I saw this on the rack, it was my first choice. Very soft! Brown is super in and this comes in a great chocolate color. These colors match everything, and personally I love the cream on me. Cropped and puffy is trending right now, so all of those things make this jacket one of my favorite accessories! Comes in sizes small through large, $52.
I like the way this knit material shapes around your head better than the thicker styles. It really does keep your head warm plus the patch detail is so cute! That makes it a win for me. Beanies are a basic staple that are trending right now! Wear it yearly. Comes in 7 colors, $18.
I love this hat! I love to wear it to work--I am repping Swank, it's cute AND it covers my bad hair days! It comes in three colors but the terracotta one is my favorite because it's a great neutral. $28.
Mini bags are REALLY in right now, as well as faux leather. This purse is dainty and chunky at the same time. You can make it a cross body with a strap that comes with it (you can also change out the strap). I love the scrunchie handle (another trend right now). It also comes with these little pieces on the bottom to keep it standing!  $68 and comes in 4 colors.
My family loves the canteen style! It has a straw lid and a handle for carrying. Some mornings I notice my ice is still in my canteen from the night before! I love carrying it on campus. It fits in the car cup holder which is a huge win, who wants it rolling around in the floorboard? My mom loves to put in her spin cup holder and it fits nicely in my sister's book bag. SO many options of style and color with Corkcicle!
Sleek up any outfit! Again, any bad hair day, or even just plain hair day, you look put together when you add this headband. Obviously looks great when dressed up, too! The top knots are on trend, and the velvety corduroy + jewel combo make it unique! $26 and comes in 5 colors.
Staple piece of jewelry that you can wear literally everyday, by itself or stacked. I have worn it in the shower and ocean for years now and it hasn't tarnished. It's easy and sentimental at the same time. Comes in silver, gold AND it's customizable with initials, names and more! Such a great gift! Starting at $62.
Wear these cuties every single day! They look nice, clean and make you look put together regardless of whether you're dressing for a date or a tee with jeans. If I see someone with a pair of hoops in-- it looks like they got ready that morning! Several colors and sizes make matching your outfit and style easy. Starting at $8.50.
I snagged this shacket as my last favorite. It's soft, fleece and cozy--that makes it great for these wintery days! If you have a basic outfit, this layer will make it look like you put more thought into it. You can wear literally anything under it and it will match. I picked pine as my favorite option, it somehow manages to be simple and also a pop of color! $52 and comes in 4 colors.

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