Cute College Outfits for Every Student

two young women wearing blue and pink casual shorts and black bottoms

If you're looking for cute college outfits, then let The Swank Company step in to lend a hand to help you put together some coed-chic ensembles. Whether you're in the lecture hall or sitting on the couch with your laptop, getting the right college student wardrobe is essential. We want to do everything we can to ensure that you’re dressed to the nines no matter how you’re attending classes this year. Our inventory is chock full of all the latest trends, so you’re sure to be thrilled by our selection. Get ready to put together a can’t-miss wardrobe that will effortlessly take you from the classroom to a hangout with your pals.

Keep It Casual

 pullover hoodie top from The Swank Company

You don't want to be the girl who rolls up to the lecture in your PJs, even though staying comfortable is important, too. Cute college outfits that feature joggers or sweats with a simple tee shirt will take you far. You can also consider a long sleeve tee with a hoodie or denim jacket. That combination is super cool and cements your reputation as a coed with all the style points.

Cool in Denim

You'll always look cool when you wear your favorite boyfriend jeans or mom jeans with a nice blouse or a casual top. Denim is an integral part of every college student’s wardrobe, so spend some time browsing through our stylish stock of jeans. Wearing a cute little crop top and high-waisted jeans with a denim jacket will help you stay on-trend. You may need to keep your bestie out of your closet or face the fear of clothing theft!

Twin Sets for the Win

a white pleated skirt

Cute college outfits like button-down cardigans and pleated skirts are still a classic on college campuses. Wearing a pair of pristine sneakers will keep you comfortable all day and make you look too cool for school. Take a peep at our accessories to find headbands, pendant necklaces, or handbags to elevate your outfit to the next level.

Become a Sporty Coed

Your college student wardrobe should include transitional articles of clothing. You'll find comfort and practicality wearing sporty clothes to class, such as leggings and windbreaker jackets. You can easily transition from the classroom to the gym, an afternoon run, or even coffee with your besties. Becoming a sporty coed doesn't have to be boring!

All Dolled Up for Class

If you're the girl who wants to be all dolled up for class, then we've got cute college outfits to fit your style. Go above and beyond by getting dressed up for a class in cigarette pants or maybe a nice pair of leggings. Top that off with a cute button-down top or a statement blouse. Finish your ensemble with a boyfriend blazer and pair of low heels, and you've got the look you've been dying for!

Dress for Success

casual printed dress with puff sleeves

As you put together your college student wardrobe, make sure there's always an option to slip into a cute skirt or a casual dress as you head off to class. This will be a time-saver if you're planning to attend any clubs or go out with friends afterward. Don't forget to accessorize with a few of your favorite pieces of jewelry, such as an eye-catching bracelet or a statement necklace. Always be dressed for success! You never know who you might meet when you're on the go.

Creating cute college outfits is a thrill when you shop at The Swank Company. We have everything you need, from basic pieces to statement pieces. In a simple but stylish outfit, you'll be dressed for anything that comes your way, whether you're in the classroom or meeting up with friends after a long day of study. The Swank Company is your one-stop college shop for the trendiest outfits to fit your unique style!

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