DIY Clothes Ideas to Upgrade Your Closet

Does anyone else start feeling really tired of their closet by the end of the year? We sure do. Once the holidays arrive, it suddenly feels like we never have anything to wear — and we start getting excited about doing a massive wardrobe overhaul with the arrival of the new year.

 If you're like us, you're probably getting tired of your current clothing options and are also on the hunt for DIY clothes organization ideas to keep things neat and tidy. But don't start gathering items for the donation bin just yet! With a few simple projects, you can transform those old outfits and give them a new life. Here are some of our favorite DIY clothes ideas for this year.

Patch Up Your Favorite Pieces

Do you have a pair of jeans that are too worn to be called "distressed"? An old coat or denim jacket that's looking a little worse for wear? It might be tempting to toss out these old pieces — but you could instead dress them up with your own unique flair.

Go online and find some cute patches that reflect your personality. Something for your favorite hobbies, a patch from your favorite band, even just a pattern or photo you really like. Then, sew them on (or iron them on for an easier option) over the most worn parts of your piece.

Make Socks Out of Sweaters

Everyone has at least one ugly sweater sitting in their closet. You probably bought it for a holiday party, not realizing that you'd never want to wear it again. But believe it or not, this DIY clothes idea might make you love that old sweater once again.

First, cut the sleeves off your sweater. Next, take those sleeves and sew the wrist holes shut. Finally, fold over the open edge and sew an elastic band into the fold. Just like that, you've turned your ugly sweater into a pair of cute and cozy knee-high socks — perfect for bingeing Netflix on chilly winter nights!

woman holding pile of sweaters

We also know that there’s a good chance your sock drawer needs some tidying up. One of our DIY clothes organization ideas is to get this sorted without bringing in a home organization service! All it takes is some cardboard, a craft knife, and measuring tape to effortlessly organize your sock drawer into neat little compartments.

Build Bras Into Your Dresses

Ok, ladies. Get ready. This DIY clothes idea is a real game-changer. If you have a bra whose band is on the outs (losing elastic, fraying, etc.), you don't need to throw it out. Instead, consider attaching it to one of your favorite dresses for a BUILT-IN BRA!

The idea here is simple: cut the band off your bra and stitch the cups into a dress. If you're not an expert seamstress, you might want to ask for help (so the stitching isn't super obvious), but if it's done right this idea can open you up to a whole world of backless dresses.

Turn Tees Into Totes

Everyone needs a good tote bag in their life — for beach trips, grocery runs, BBQs, tailgates, you name it. And if you have some spare tee shirts you don't want anymore, we've got good news: you can get a new tote without spending a dime. DIY clothes organization ideas like this are an inexpensive and creative way to make use of old clothes!

This DIY clothes idea is particularly great because there's no sewing involved. Anyone can do it! Simply cut the sleeves off your tee and cut out the neck hole (these will be your straps). Next, cut short strips along the bottom of the shirt to create fringe. Tie the fringe together to close everything up, and voila — you have a cute and unique tote for your next outing.

Get Some Cute New Outfits!

If you try out these DIY clothes ideas, you'll be able to transform your closet from the same old stuff into an awesome collection of clothes that are SO YOU. But of course, these DIY projects might leave you with some extra space in your wardrobe… and that's the perfect time to hit up Swank!

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