How To Accessorize an Outfit: Choosing the Right Jewelry for Each Look

You spent hours picking out the perfect look. The top that always turns heads. The figure-flattering jeans. The shoes that make you feel like you’re stomping a runway in Milan. And yet, something’s still missing...

Jewelry. It’s like the juicy cherry on top of an already delicious look. Do it right, and it’ll perfectly complement your look — and more importantly, your personality. The Swank squad has your guide on how to accessorize an outfit for every different look. No matter the occasion.

Weekend Warrior

Woman wearing bold jewelry and graphic tee

Weekends are the perfect time to let loose and play around with new styles. And bold earrings are a fail-proof way to bring extra whimsy to your weekend and a great way of showing how to use accessories in an outfit. Your friends will be begging you to tell them where you found your latest pair of killer statement earrings.

Believe it or not, bold earrings are surprisingly versatile and is one way of showing how to accessorize an outfit. Paired with a plain white tee, they take your look from basic to bangin’. With a tank top and messy bun, you’ll look like an effortlessly chic artist. But our favorite way to style the bold earring is with a fun graphic tee. Rather than looking busy, a graphic tee is a perfect backdrop for playful jewelry looks. You can even take it a step further and add some layered necklaces into the mix.

Business Casual

Wondering how to use accessories in an outfit for work? Workwear doesn’t have to be boring. Especially when you have the right jewelry to set-off your look. Whether you’re in a board-room or a classroom, timeless, classic jewelry is your best bet for the workplace. A dainty necklace is a versatile piece that you can wear daily. This delicate style pairs especially well with a crisp button-down top that draws the eye to your décolleté. The goal here is to pick something that you don’t mind looking at all the time. Jewelry with sentimental value will make you smile every time you see it. Plus it’s a great conversation-starter around the water cooler — you can show others how to accessorize outfits, too!

Date Night

Smiling woman in flirty dress and gold jewelry

If you’re wondering how to use accessories in an outfit for a date, we’d say that glittery jewels that catch the candlelight feel just so right. When the vibe is feminine and flirty, look for pieces that draw the eye to your best features. A little extra sparkle never hurt anybody. Rhinestones are a budget-friendly way to dress up your look and add extra shine. If you’re wearing your hair up, throw on some earrings that complement your skin tone and bring attention to your eyes. If your neckline is on the lower side, a chain necklace is the way to go. There are really no rules here, so choose whatever jewelry you like for date night — as long as it makes you feel confident and beautiful!

Black Tie

It can be tricky to find out how to accessorize an outfit for a fancy event. Especially when you don’t want to break the bank. When it comes to picking jewelry for black tie events, you have two options: Understated and elegant or big and bold.

Keeping It Simple

The understated route is best when you want the rest of your outfit to do the talking. Big ball gowns are a statement all on their own. A simple ring or stud earrings add extra glam without distracting from the main event. While the obvious choice for a strapless dress might be a necklace, we say keep your neckline bare. Instead, add drop earrings for a look that’s both elegant and flattering.

Or Go All Out

If you choose a simple style or classic little black dress for your big night, you have the option to go bold with your jewels. Try a pair of colorful earrings or an elegant statement necklace to really turn up the volume on your look.

Jewelry says a lot about the person wearing it. When picking a style, consider what you want to tell the world about you. Swank has tons of affordable jewelry options for every occasion. Let us show you how to use accessories in an outfit, no matter the look!

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