How to Achieve the Ultimate Layered Winter Outfits

Isn’t winter just the greatest? It’s the season of cozy fires, festive coffee drinks, Netflix binges, and crisp, cool air. And as if that wasn’t enough, it’s also the time when you get to break out your best layered winter outfits!

There’s a certain art to achieving the ultimate layered look. We break it down so you can look comfy and cute all winter long (without looking like you tried too hard). Here’s how to do it in 4 simple steps:

1. The Base Layer

Woman wearing white cropped camisole with skinny straps

Think of this layer as your foundation. Just like the stuff you put on your face, it should look smooth, feel good, and compliment the rest of your look. It’s best to keep your base simple so that you can add more layers on top without clashing or adding bulk. If you haven’t already, you should definitely invest in some well-fitting basics. Tank tops and soft t-shirts are the most comfortable base to achieve cute layered outfits for winter. If you choose a long sleeve top, try to go with a thinner material so you don’t feel smothered when you start adding heavier pieces on top.

For your bottom half, you can never go wrong with a good skinny jean. Another fun variation is faux-leather skinny jeans. These bad boys add an unexpected little twist to your layered winter outfit and look amazing with a chunky sweater.

2. The Cozy Sweater

There’s nothing better than a cozy sweater to curl up in when the air gets cool. Sweaters are all about creating the perfect wintery vibe and is the ultimate way to achieve cute layered outfits for winter.

Patterns are officially back in a big way. So don’t be afraid to go for stripes, colors, whatever your heart desires. Pretty much any type of sweater will work — cable knit, cardigans, sweatshirts, anything goes.

One exception: Long cardigans do not pair well with extra layers. Skip this style if you’re planning to add a jacket to your look (unless you want to look like you’re hiding a superhero cape under your coat).

3. The Cool-Girl Jacket

Smiling woman in black leather moto jacket

Choosing your jacket layer depends largely on what you have going on for your sweater. Denim jackets pair well with just about anything, but we especially love them with a sporty grey sweatshirt. Another fail-proof combo is a faux leather jacket with a colorful, chunky sweater.

This step is all about creating contrast and visual interest with texture and color when establishing a layered winter outfit. If your previous layer is neutral, go bold with an animal print or metallic jacket. If your sweater layer is extra girly, try throwing a masculine moto jacket on top. You get the idea.

4. The Finishing Touches

Woman wearing black suede braid-trim hat

Part of the fun of layering is finding the perfect accessories to create your best cozy vibe.

Boots - There are so many amazing ankle boot styles, but we especially love the platform bootie trend in fun prints like snakeskin.

Chunky Scarves - A chunky scarf is one of our favorite looks for winter. It’s cozy, chic, and a great way to add an unexpected pop of color or pattern.

Hats - A knit beanie screams winter-chic and will keep you warm no matter what the weather. Suede brim hats are another classic top-off to a cute layered outfit for winter and have a model-off-duty vibe that’s hard to resist.

Mastering the layered look is easy once you have the right pieces in your closet. The beauty is that they’re easily mixed and matched. With just a few key pieces, you can create endless combinations and never get bored. Let us know how you layer your favorite Swank pieces in the comments below. And don’t forget to check out our new arrivals to create your ultimate look this winter!

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