Mom Jeans: Not Just for Moms

That’s right - mom jeans aren’t just for moms any more. Fashionistas of every age are embracing the comfortable fit and flattering high-waisted design that mom jeans offer and there are so many ways to style them so they feel young and modern. Our suggestions for how to wear mom jeans are simple and perfect for girls looking for casual everyday looks that don’t take a lot of effort and will keep you comfortable all-day-long!

If you’re not sure what to wear with mom jeans, keep reading to check out some of our tried and true tips!

Don’t Distress - Except with Your Jeans

kylie mom jeans

If you’re new to the mom jeans trend, a great way to transition to this fun style is to start with a pair that incorporates some more common style details. Our favorite is a pair of mom jeans that feature a little bit of distressing. This look instantly makes the denim feel more chic and makes the question of how to wear mom jeans much less daunting.


love pairing

Because mom jeans have a more relaxed fit than skinny jeans and tend to have a higher waisted fit, they look great with a cute loose-fitting top. We love pairing mom jeans with a sweater that has cute striped or ribbed details to add intrigue and style.

Keeping your ensemble casual and laid back is the perfect way to accent a distressed mom jeans design without feeling overdone and still committing to a comfortable aesthetic.

Get Funky with Prints

trendy animal prints

The versatility of this design means that if you’re wondering how to wear mom jeans, it can actually be totally customizable to your style. They can the perfect base for an ensemble and allow your other separates, footwear, and accessories to really shine. The possibilities are limitless and mom jeans offer a great canvas for experimenting with fun colors and funky prints!

Give trendy animal prints like leopard or snakeskin a try — whether they’re a part of your shoes or accessories, or even your tops, these add excitement and a great sense of fashion into a daytime chic look.

Add some glitter bangles or statement dangle earrings to complete your fun, funky look and hit the town in style!

Layer Up, Babe!

wear mom jeans

You may be wondering how to wear mom jeans during different seasons and they are actually the perfect piece to keep at the front of your closet all year round. Because of the slightly loose fit, they can easily be rolled up to become ankle length if you want a shorter design or kept at full length during the cooler months.

Rifling through our own closets, we wondered what to wear with mom jeans without allowing them to feel too matronly or dated. What we found is layering them with more contemporary pieces — or even vintage-inspired separates and accessories — can be done seamlessly. We’ve paired our mom jeans with crop tops and oversized denim jackets, v-neck blouses, and everything in between.

Experimenting with how to wear mom jeans is a great way to enhance your own style and discover some new favorite looks!

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