New Year’s Resolutions From the Swank Team

Happy New Year!

With the new year comes new resolutions and new promises that we will do the thing (whatever the “thing” might be). And we can’t let a new year pass without letting the Swank Squad some of our New Year’s resolutions for 2020.

Here they are…

Drink More Water

Woman drinking from a water bottle

Drinking more water makes your skin look and feel better...and makes YOU feel better as well! Choose from our selection of Corkcicle or Swell bottles (available only at our Georgia store locations) to ensure you stay hydrated and help that wonderful body of yours!

Be More Active

Part of our New Year’s resolutions for 2020 is to work out and be more active. When it comes to putting together outfits for workouts in the new year, we want to tell you that great workouts start with pulling together the right fit! Pair our Star Sports Bra, which you can get at any of our Georgia store locations, and leggings or pair a pair of our famous Swank leggings with a comfy tee. You can also pick from our selection of lightweight sneakers to complete your outfit.

Be More Intentional With Friends and Family

Three women sitting by a river hugging each other

Being more intentional means doing things with purpose, whether it’s gifting or anything else. Your friends and family will appreciate those small acts of intentionality that let them know you love them! These intentional acts don’t have to cost much. Just grab one of our sweet cards that say “I Like You” and “Thank You”, and write whatever is on your mind and in your heart!

Be More Organized and Disciplined

Hey, we get it. We’re busy and get pulled in 20 different directions at times. This just means we all need a little more organization in our lives! Instead of hoping you’ll remember those important dates, start New Year’s off right and make a 2020 resolution to get organized! Come on in to any of our Georgia store locations and choose from a variety of our To-Do Lists, desk pads, and planners to use for your weekly and monthly plans. We even have meal planners you can use to plan out what you’re going to eat every week!

Give Yourself Some “Me” Time

Everyone needs time set aside to take care of yourself and RELAX. This resolution calls for getting out the New Year’s lounging outfit you’ve been longing to put on. It also means trying out one of our famous bath bombs, lighting your favorite scented candle, putting on a pair of cozy socks, and indulging in those skincare products you’ve been dying to try!

Read, Read, Read

Woman sitting on couch and reading

In our experience, we have found out that reading more will indeed make you smarter (and we are firm believers in that)! Whether you like reading comics, magazines, books, or ebooks, grab a pair of our blue light glasses (if you do a lot of computer/ebook reading) or a pair of our reading glasses to help you dive into your reading with style! You can find our glasses at any one of our Georgia locations.

These are our New Year’s resolutions for 2020. Rock out those cute new year outfits, let us know your New Year resolutions, and stay Swank!

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