Quick and Easy Valentine Gift Guide!

Need a few ideas for the GAL or VALentine in your life? We got you! 
BABY BOGG BAG on the top of everyone's list, which is why they are at the top of ours!! Awesome little bag with washability and equipped for any environment (classroom, work, pool, beach, woods)! 
CAPS are such a great gift because they cover over a multitude of bad hair days! What better way to rep your city!
BAREFOOT DREAMS socks and blankets will be the SOFTEST things you could ever give or receive as a gift!
CARDS say it all :D 
GLAMOROUS WASH ..you may not think to give detergent for a gift but you will be glad you did when they open a bottle of glamorous wash, and so will they! Pick one (or a few) of 6 scents!
JEWELRY .. can't go wrong with jewels on valentine's day! Brands like Bracha and Kendra Scott are best sellers and always a hit as gifts!
CANDLES.. set the mood with candles! We have tons of scents and colors to match anyone's home aesthetic!
MUSEE BATH BOMBS AND SHOWER STEAMERS simple and sweet! Several colors and scents for your sweetie. 
O-Ring makes a great gift! Easy to throw around your wrist, hook on a purse or hang on a door knob!

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