Distressed Mom Jeans

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Distressed Mom Jeans are In Style

Throw your perceptions of unflattering and outdated mom jeans out the window! At The Swank Company, we have reimagined these classic designs with in-style mom jeans that have quickly become one of our favorite things to wear. Not only are these mom jeans the absolute cutest fit, but they are also unbelievably comfortable and versatile. Enjoy styling these must-have jeans for every season!

Give Mom Jeans a Try

Seriously, mom jeans are the coolest and most fun style to add to your style repertoire right now and we just can’t get enough of them. We love how seamlessly they pair with our cute fitted tops, crop tops, tanks, and other shirt styles that are also trendy and comfortable. We have a sneaking suspicion that these super cute jeans will become your most-worn pair right away!

These in-style mom jeans feature modern distressing detail (your mom would never!) and frayed hems that keep your jeans at ankle length. They are super flattering on every body type and sit comfortably with a high-waist design. The subtle tapered design of mom jeans makes them relaxed, yet versatile!

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Our mom jeans are made with 100% cotton, which means you can’t just wash them in any old way (you don’t want your jeans shrinking in the wash or the dryer!). Hand wash in cold water, and then lay flat to dry. Our model, Katy, is swearing a size small, but we have other sizes available!

At Swank, we love offering new takes on classic styles that makes fashion fun and exciting for ladies of all ages. Shop our cute mom jeans online today!