Trendy Outfit Ideas: The Ultimate Swank Fashion Guide

The Ultimate Swank Fashion Guide is officially here, and it’s full of trendy outfit ideas and the latest fashion for women! We've got the 411 on how to select sensational clothing that fits you well, flatters your figure, and highlights your personal style. Learn about mixing colors and patterns, and about mixing the hottest trends with the most timeless basics. At Swank, we're all set to inspire you with cute fashion ideas and shopping advice. So, without further ado...the Ultimate Swank Fashion Guide!

Get a Fab Fit

a button-down animal print shirt

Our trendy outfit ideas will only work for you if you know your fit, especially with button-down shirts. Button-down shirts are a timeless wardrobe staple, but make sure that the upper arms don't fit too tightly and (if the shirt has long sleeves) that the cuffs cover your wrists.

In general, you should pair tight items with loose pieces, for example, skinny jeans and a tunic top or a flowing skirt and a fitted top. The tighter something is, however, the bigger it may make you look, so bear that in mind while seeking balance with your fashion choices.

Know Your Necklines

a floral printed V-neck shirt

As you pick out shirts, follow our fashion guide to choose the latest fashion for women that has the proper neckline. A wide neckline can show off your collarbones, neck, and shoulders, but it can also cause your torso and upper body to seem short and wide in comparison. If this worries you, Swank suggests to go for a V-neckline, which lengthens and slims your torso. Scoop neck tops with a high neckline can simultaneously hide and enhance your assets.

The Denim Factor

a pair of high-rise mom jeans

Jeans are both trendy and timeless. You won't find a more versatile pair of bottoms. There are so many different styles of jeans that you can bring to life all of your trendy outfit ideas, whether you want to pair skinnies with a dressy blouse or mom jeans with a cozy sweater. Because your jeans are the basis for so many outfits, you need to ensure that they flatter and fit.

Skinny jeans can emphasize the shape of your legs, and high-waisted jeans and other bottoms can create the illusion of length. If you're on the shorter side, opt for tapered legs rather than boot cut or flared silhouettes. No matter what, try to stay away from impractical pockets that are too deep or shallow.

The Hem's The Thing

a white shirt that falls to the torso

Hemlines are always a factor. Balance is the secret ingredient in many of the latest fashions for women, which is why it's necessary to select tops and bottoms with hemlines that fall to the correct length.

None of your shirts should be excessively long. At the very least, try not to hide or interrupt the line of your leg with your shirt. Ideally, your top should reach somewhere between your upper thigh/groin area and your waistline.

As best as you can, select dress pants and trousers that fit the length of your leg. In this case, it can be worthwhile to have your bottoms hemmed professionally. Your cuffs won't drag beneath the heels of your shoes, which ruins your clothing and puts you in danger of tripping.

Have an Eye for Color

a monochromatic blue outfit

Do you dress for your skin tone? Women with a warm skin tone look beautiful in orange, red, and yellow. Icy cool complexions benefit from a palette of cool hues, such as shades of blue, green, and violet.

That shouldn't stop you from experimenting with different colors, however. Practice your ability to put together a monochrome outfit consisting of a single shade. Add colors a little bit at a time, beginning with an outfit composed of complementary hues.

Use our fashion guide to create an ensemble of similar shades. Wear a red statement coat with a rich orange dress and an eye-catching violet bag. Each color shares something in common: red. Once you've developed an understanding of colors, you can get more daring with your accessories and clothing.

Size It Right

a white button-down crop top

You might think you're safe buying blouses and bottoms in your actual, genuine size, but that's too easy. In truth, you can come up with a number of trendy outfit ideas if you skew your size depending on what you're buying. With button-down tops, flannels, and blouses that don’t stretch, always go up a size. With your jeans, it's typically safe to go down a size because denim ultimately always stretches.

Balance Out Your Shoes

a pair of chunky white sneakers

Don't forget about your shoes as you consider the latest fashions for women. A chunky shoe will throw a slim-lined outfit out of proportion unless that's the style you're going for in the first place. Similarly, a small, flat shoe can be overwhelmed by, say, a long maxi skirt or a pair of wide-legged pants.

Although you might be tempted to snag up a pair of pointy-toed boots, the extremes are never worth it. Just as you should ideally stay away from sky-high heels and go for something moderate, a slightly rounded toe is more fashionable than a sharply pointed one. In the same vein, too-rounded toes can make your foot appear wider. The overall proportions of your outfit can serve as a fashion guide for your footwear of the day.

Level Up Your Layering

a gold layered coin necklace

Layering produces dozens of trendy outfit ideas because a single piece can be used in many different ensembles. Go beyond layering your clothing with blazers, sweaters, button-ups, and coats. Jazz up your outfit by layering your jewelry, as well. Layered necklaces are on-trend, or you can layer your bracelets and throw an epic arm party.

Splurge on an Eye-Catching Coat

a shaggy, faux fur statement coat

In a pinch, your coat can become your outfit. It can stand out as the spotlighted piece of your look. A boring coat won't do, though. Treat yourself to a single statement coat. Consider an empire waist showstopper, a vibrantly colored piece, a fabulous faux fur jacket, or a pertly patterned jacket.

Pay Attention to Patterns

a rust-red polka dotted dress

On the subject of patterns and prints, step out of your solid-colored comfort zone and focus on the latest fashion for women that embraces both patterns and prints! Plaids and polka dots, thick stripes and pinstripes, fierce animal prints and feminine floral patterns—try one or try them all. A patterned piece is the perfect statement maker.

We hope you enjoyed our handy fashion guide and that you can use it to create trendy outfit ideas that showcase your aesthetic and personality! Tell us about your Swank style!

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